Pino Hotel, Via Firenze n° 15
Marina di Gizzeria (CZ) - ITALIA
Tel. e Fax: + 39 968 97388 - Tel. + 39 968 97696
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Welcome to Pino Hotel,
we are on the Tyrrhenian coast of Catanzato between Gizzeria and Falerna. Come and visit us.

The Restaurant of Pino Hotel,

has 20 seats indoors and outdoors as many arranged on the terrace with panoramic sea. The furniture style, inside, is classic and homely, for two separate rooms served from air conditioning.

Inside the restaurant, available only for hotel guests, offers dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine and fish dishes from the typical Calabrian cousine.

The chef recommends fish based dishes, but the restaurant also offers the best of national cousine.

The majority of ingredients and products used in cooking, are purchased by the management, direct from local suppliers that produce them while maintaining the typical product of the place.

The restaurant guarantees so, the authenticity of their food to meet their customers.

The dishes beloved by the chef are therefore those that refer to the Mediterranean flavors and dishes from Calabria.